Military Involvement

Military Kids ClubOutreach: Military Youth - We offer children of military personnel FREE youth memberships. That's over a $100 value! 
View the Club's Military Youth Brochure to learn more about opportunities offered to Military children and visit BGCA's Military Outreach Facebook page.
Download this document for a list of helpful links for Military families.
Military Kids Club: Military Kids Club provides active military members a reliable and fun place to bring their children, 4 to 12 years old, during drill weekends. During the day, children are under the watchful care of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield's licensed staff and Keystone Youth Club Leaders. Children are able to engage in group sports and activities, play in the games rooms, pool, gymnasium, computer lab and are provided a free nutritious snack and lunch. Specific weekends coming soon.
Monthly Activity Schedules:
Sandy Wakefield, 104th Family Program Coordinator - "When we first left the Base some of the children were apprehensive about the new adventure they were about to begin. Same were chatty, some were very quiet and others asked many, many questions. On the return trip in the afternoon you could see the change in the children. They were all full of smiles and couldn't say enough good things about their day at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield. It was great just sitting and listening to them go on about their day and everything they had accomplished. I am proud to say that the Military Kids Club has been a huge success."
Tina R. Dimino-Frazer, TSgt ANG 104 MSG/CCA - "From a parent's viewpoint: I have twin boys and they could hardly contain their excitement when telling me of their day and asked if they could go back to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield when I have to work again. They enjoyed every part of the day, including lunch! From a program manager viewpoint: The Club was staffed with four counselors at all times and provided a schedule of events for the day. They were courteous and welcoming and they structure the days like a day-camp. I was very comfortable with the facility, the counselors and their emergency response procedures. It is such a wonderful place. I hope MKC starts a phenomenon across the entire BGCA!"