Great Futures Club

Kids ages 3-5 can participate in our fun, fast-paced, Great Futures Club! The program offers opportunities for children to explore their environment, and develop as well as expand expand their social, creative, and problem solving skills all while promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
$14 per day | Monday - Friday | 10am - 1pm
3 year olds: 2 day minimum
4/5 year olds: 3 day minimum
Program follows the Westfield Public School Calendar
Call 413.562.2301 for more information!
Early Literacy Development & Problem Solving
Through songs and flash cards, kids in Great Futures Club learn the days of the week and months of the year as well as shape, color, letter, and number recognition.  After a story, members practice their penmanship, learning to write their names letter by letter. Children explore counting, sorting, and recognizing patterns as part of their early literacy development. Puzzles and learning games are also a part of the daily curriculum
Creative Expression & Building Social Skills
Children have opportunities to play, share, and explore with their peers through a variety of activities during free play, circle time, and group games. Singing songs, acting out dramatic plays, and participating in arts & crafts are just a few of the ways that kids can tap into their creative sides during the day while bonding with their peers. 
Environment & Technology Exploration 
Blocks, Legos, and building gears/links are all made accessible to the children so they can experiment with and explore physics by engineering simple machines and structures. Members also have dedicated time in the technology center to play computer based learning games.

Developing Healthy Habits
Every member of Great Futures Club is provided with a FREE, balanced lunch daily! Kids have gym time and (weather permitting) outdoor time on the playground each day to get them up and active. For an additional fee, members can sign up for an hour long Creative Movement Class where they will learn basics from ballet, tap, and tumbling. Participants in Creative Movement will also perform in the annual WBGC Dance Recital!