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We encourage all Club alumni to come home, reconnect and get involved with the organization that contributed to the many positive memories of your childhood. As you know, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield emphasizes educational achievement and career preparation in addition to the sports, recreation, leadership and character development programs. As a Club alumni, you surely have stories to share and memories to pass on to us. There are numerous ways to get involved with the Club again and help today's youth by giving back to the Club that once helped you.
* Volunteers
* Donors
* Tutors
* Coaches
* Guest Speakers
* And so much more!
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Stop by and visit the Club anytime! Let us know where you are and what you have been doing since your Club days. Reconnect with fellow Club members at alumni events and by becoming a fan of our Facebook page.
"I never really appreciated the Club as I should have when I was there, but that is the inherent beauty of the Club. I wasn't supposed to know. All I had to do was be a kid. It was only until later as I matured did I begin to grasp how valuable the Club was. Even if you look at the basest level, it was a safe place to go that opened other venues (organized sports, trips to Canada and Washington DC and a variety of other activities) that would not have been available or thought of to a kid who had no resources of his own. I remember going to other 'service' based organizations, and the feeling I was not wanted was actually palpable. It was never that way with the Club. When you were a member at the Club, you knew you belonged to something. What that something was you might not have been sure of, but the point was you belonged. That sense of belonging to something positive is what will remain with me throughout my life. It is the reason I am still with the Club today. I know there are children, who, without the help of 'big picture' adults will not make it to adulthood and become productive and contributing members of society. I firmly believe it is my responsibility to help kids who through no fault of their own found themselves in situations they can not control. Our board members get nothing in return other than the self-satisfaction that we contributed in our own way to make the City a better place through active stewardship. Isn't that what we are supposed to do? Paraphrasing from Jim Bouton...we all need to grab a rake and rake the field." Captain Michael A. McCabe, Board Member and Club Alumnis