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Room Rentals

For additional information or to book a room please contact Lerryn at 413.562.2301 or download the following documents.
Party Rentals
$135 - One hour in the pool and one hour in the multi-purpose room
$50 - Additional hour in multi-purpose/games room 
* Less than 20 in the pool at the same time or add on $30 for an additional lifeguard
$125 - One hour in the gym (1 court) and one hour in multi-purpose room
$115 - One hour in the games room and one hour in the multi-purpose room
Individual Room Rentals
Gym: Full Court $85/hr or Half Court $60/hr
Batting Cage: $70/hr (Full Gym with BC $105/hr)
Pool: Up to 20 people $90/hr
Multipurpose, Boardroom or Gamesroom: $55/hr
Gym Rental for Outside Youth Teams
Approximately 20 people (18 youth, 2 coaches). 
* If all youth players become Club members at $40 each, gym rental will be: 
Full Court: $65/hr
Half Court: $45/hr
* If they choose not to become Club members:
Full Court: $75/hr
Half Court: $55/hr
Days Available
Times Negotiable but must be non-Club operation time
*** No guarantees if a group chooses a half court option. They may be cancelled with a 24 hour notice if the Boys & Girls Club has an option to rent a full court to another group.